Hotel with mud therapy in Abano Terme

Unparalleled well-being thanks to matured mud

Our thermal spa, entrusted to qualified professionals and under medical supervision, is the ideal place to experience the benefits of mud bath therapy in Abano Terme.

The treatment is divided into 4 main phases and lasts about 40 minutes, followed by a massage. The main element is the matured mud, containing anti-inflammatory and analgesic principles. This natural element, used for the prevention and slowing of pathologies linked to the joints or as a result of trauma, is applied directly to the skin.


Phase 1: in the room assigned to you, the operator will have you lie down on the bed and proceed with the application of thermal mud, following the indications regarding temperature, duration and areas to avoid as per your doctor’s indications.


Phase 2: the operator wraps your body with blankets to reduce heat loss.


Phase 3: after 15-20 minutes, the operator removes the mud. Next is a shower to clean off and a bath of about 10 minutes in thermal water (36-38 ° C), which completes the relaxation phase of the muscles and stimulates the biochemical reactions of the body.


Phase 4: the treatment ends with a reaction phase in the relaxation area, poolside or in the room, during which the heat absorbed is released and the stimulation process continues.


Phase 5: to amplify the benefits, a therapeutic massage can be added, aimed at improving circulation, mobilizing joints and tissues and promoting the elimination of metabolic waste.


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